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cinemadave's Journal

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25 February 1963
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Dave was born in Huntington Hospital; to Jerome Montalbano, a first generation New York Italian American, and Mary Watson, a gal from a large family in Union Springs, Alabama. Dave has one brother, Carm, and one sister, Carol. Dave is an uncle to four nephews and one neice. Dave, Jim & Mary moved to South Florida in 1973. While attending Deerfield Beach High School, Dave also attended the Dillard School of Performing Arts from 1979-1981. Dave earned his Bachelor's Degree from Florida State University in 1985 and worked for R.K.O. Radio until in 1990. Since that time, Dave has served as a Social Science Teacher, earned a Master's Degree in Information Science and currently writes movie reviews for The Observer.

Using his alias, Cinema Dave produced a film program in Broward County Florida called "Literary Cinema" in 2004. Dubbed "Literary Cinema; from the Written Word to the Celluloid Stock," the program features classic movies based on literate books. Showings are free in the Broward County Main Library in Fort Lauderdale. Given the academic nature of the program, Cinema Dave has been able to interview cast and crew mates from the movies in the "Literary Cinema" canon.

Along with Tim "Hurricane" Bain, Cinema Dave chartered "Blues School," a free program that celebrates Blues Music. "Blues School" was inspired by the International House of Blues Foundation. Preceeding the first lecture and concert with Professor Chuck Bergeron, Dave organized "Cinema of the Blues" which included titles; "Hallelujah!" "Crossroads"(1986), "Lady Sings the Blues" "Ray" and, of course, "The Blues Brothers."

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