CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Lent Day 23 Cinema Dave to perform BASS on Lit - My Own Worst Enemy (Official Music Video)

As a student with the School of Rock, Cinema Dave will play bass on this song,

Considered a pop punk[22][23][32] and power pop[6][25] song, "My Own Worst Enemy" is composed in the key of E major with a tempo of 104 beats per minute. A. Jay's voice ranges from E3 to G#4.[33] "My Own Worst Enemy" has been incorrectly attributed to Blink-182, and its title misquoted as "Please Tell Me Why".[34] The song is known for its guitar riff.[25]

Its music video was filmed by Gavin Bowden at Java Lanes bowling alley in Long Beach.[35] According to A. Jay, the video is "[the film] Kingpin meets a gangster flick that takes place in the '50s". He continued, "We are the bowlers and the band playing inside the lounge. I think we can handle the stage, but we might need a few body doubles to roll some strikes".[6]

"My Own Worst Enemy" is heard in the 2000 film Ready to Rumble and 2012 film American Reunion, although the song does not appear on the original soundtracks of either movie.[36] It was featured on Parks and Recreation, with some of the show's characters playing the song on Rock Band 2.[37] "My Own Worst Enemy" was used in the 2016 action comedy Central Intelligence and the PEN15 episode, "First Day".[37]

The song was very popular in the NHL by the fans of the Detroit Red Wings, that when played during a penalty faceoff, the song would cutoff at the start of the chorus, and the fans at the Joe Lewis Arena would start singing the rest of the chorus while the teams were playing.[38]

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