CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

A message from the Thornton family regarding the Mai-Kai

"The family is and always will be dedicated to the Mai-Kai and its legacy. The news stories you have likely read have been unkind, unfair and misleading. It is accurate that we engaged the services of a business broker to assist in finding a partner, or worst case scenario a buyer, to work with our family to ensure the long term success of the Mai-Kai and its legacy. It is not accurate to say that “everything is on the table.”

As you know, like the entire restaurant industry, covid had a devastating effect on the Mai-Kai. Add on a water pipe burst in our kitchen ceiling causing catastrophic damage. These combined events caused our family to go out into the market and seek a partner, while ensuring that the legacy of the Mai-Kai can live on. Rest assured, NO ONE cares more about the Mai-Kai than the Thornton family. Three generations have put our hearts and souls into the Mai-Kai and we are doing whatever we can to preserve our family’s legacy and this beloved South Florida institution. All we ask is that you be patient and allow us to work through this extremely difficult time. Again, please know that it is our hope and our desire to see the Mai-Kai reopen with all its original splendor. We will endeavor to keep you apprised and we thank you for your support."

Meanwhile, we will continue to offer our popular tropical drinks to go, sell Mai-Kai merch on (restocking in the works!), and plan events in our parking lot.

Super Bowl is coming up and Mai-Kai is ready to take your orders for quarts or gallons of Rum Barrels, Mai Tais and Jet Pilots!

Please call Pia at 954-646-8975 to place your order. Pick up only.

Pick up at The Mai-Kai in the parking lot on Friday Feb 5 between 1 - 5 PM or Saturday Feb 6 between 10 AM - 2 PM.

We have them all available by the gallon and by the quart (price includes tax).


Smugglers, pirates and rum runners took their pleasures with this spirituous libation, bold and big, but rightfully smooth.
We suggest serving these shaken over ice in 12 oz. cups



Fast and courageous, a vigorous blend of heavy bodied rums and zesty juices.
We suggest serving our strongest drink in 8 oz. cups shaken over lots of ice.



The celebrated drink of the islands, made smoother here by the subtle introduction of Appleton 12 year old Jamaican Rum.

We suggest serving these shaken over ice in 12 oz. cups


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