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FLiFF 2019 "Raising Buchanan" may provide inspiration for Joe Biden

Available on live stream and DVD, "Raising Buchanan" is a timely movie for the inauguration for the incoming 46th President, at least the late René Auberjonois performance is more lifelike than Joe Biden's performance in his recent press conferences.

Politics aside, "Raising Buchanan" is a goofy film about a struggling young woman (Amanda Melby) who thinks it is a good idea to steal the corpse of the 15th president and hold it for ransom. Unlike the kidnapping of Charlie Chaplin's remains, the ransom for one of the worst presidents holds no interest. The ghost of Buchanan (René Auberjonois) haunts the young lady, but eventually the two become friends. After all, "Raising Buchanan" is a comedy.

Leading lady Amanda Melby was in town to promote her movie, "Raising Buchanan" for the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival -

Amanda Melby talks about the writer and director of "Raising Buchanan"

Amanda Melby introduces the producer of "Raising Buchanan"

Amanda Melby talks about the casting process and sending script to the title character played by René Auberjonois

Amanda Melby talks about the budget. Briefly.

Amanda Melby talks about the professionalism of René Auberjonois on the set of "Raising Buchanan"

The importance of promoting an Independent Film.

Amanda Melby talks about the importance of the Make up Artist in telling the story of "Raising Buchanan"

Raising Buchanan & DNA investigation

The Importance of Music & Donuts

Farewell René Auberjonois,
you made a career playing stinkers,
but we heard you were a class act in real life.
"Act well the part, there the honor lies."
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