CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2005 : Happy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it is so simple.
The holiday does not demand gift giving or regifting.
Easter celebrates the culture of life and the spirit.

Every year faith is challenged on all fronts.
Let us not forget the brave men and women who are protecting us overseas.
This year's headlines involve Terry Shiavo and Pope John Paul's medical
Unlike a Hollywood movie,
there are no easy answers to these ethical questions raised about dying and
the mystery of life.

Yet, the lesson of Easter is perseverance.
If you are sad, find a way to be glad.
Get out, go for a walk.
Look at everyday things that you take for granted.

Despite the consistent negative headlines from the national media,
find your own gospel or good news.
I am not advertising,
but take a peak at the House of Blues website
if you are looking for ideas to celebrate Easter Sunday.

Thank you Dear Reader for letting me share my thoughts with you today.

Happy Easter!
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