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"Words on Bathroom Walls" opens this weekend

"Words on Bathroom Walls" is a modern day look about the drama of schizophrenia. The main character is Adam (Charlie Plummer) who has a black cloud obscure his vision while attending Chemistry Class in High School. The black cloud is only in his head and his recently divorced mom, Beth ( Molly Parker) desperately seeks a cure for her son.

The Oscar Award winning "A Beautiful Mind" featured academic professors and Noble Peace Prize Award Winners. "Words on Bathroom Walls" is a story for middle class individuals who are simply trying to earn a dollar their a domestic life. Both movies acknowledge the symptoms of schizophrenia
(hallucinations, paranoia), yet each movie has a distinctive story to tell.

In contrast "A Beautiful Mind" focuses on the intellectual angle of the disease, "Words on Bathroom Walls" is more heartfelt. In spite of his malady, Adam finds a way to court Maya ( Taylor Russell), while dealing with vocational school and Beth's new love interest - Paul (Walton Groggins). While being overwhelmed by these domestic challenges, Adam does find solace through Father Patrick (Andy Garcia).

PHOTO CREDIT: Jacob Yakob COURTESY: LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions

The scenes between Plummer and Garcia do not equate to the heavy drama of Timothy Hutton and Judd Hirsch from "Ordinary People." Yet Plummer and Garcia's scenes are low key and are welcome breaks from the very serious drama. "Words on Bathroom Walls" is a serious drama, but does provide an entertaining two hours that goes from dark despair to a few chuckles along the way.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jacob Yakob COURTESY: LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions
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