CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Sir Sean, 007 - honored by the American Film Institute

The American Film Institute will be undergoing many changes with the resignation of Jean Picker Firstenberg, Chief Executive of the institute.

I was a member of AFI in high school, I still have some of the magazines that featured movies like "All that Jazz," "Alien" and "Carny." Sadly I could not retain my membership because the Organization became more elitist during the 1980s and the prices to join became astronomical. Perhaps the new Chief Executive can address these concerns and create a membership drive for the growing middle class of film makers. Not all film students are relatives of the Hollywood elite.

Sean Connery will be the 2006 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance, this knight from Scotland said,

"I got my big break when I was five years old, and it's taken more than 70 years to realize it. At five I learned to read, and I would not be standing here without the books, plays and scripts."

One of the best lines in "Indiana jones and the Last Crusade" was probably written by Connery. After being slapped around by a nazi officer, professor henry jones grabs the wrist of his tormentor and says,

"...that goosestomping morons like yourself should
trying READING books instead of BURNING THEM!!!!"
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