CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

LENT DAY 39 YeeHa Bob, alias Bob Jackson Versus COVID-19

One of the benefits of social distancing is the exposure of talent available on the internet. For the last two Sundays, Bob Jackson (Alias YeeHa Bob) has been performing parts of his show every Sunday night at 6pm. Beyond his "show biz" persona of fun, Mr. Jackson is a serious artist. This is a sample of his more serious side, minus his colorful derby & suspenders;

Inspired by a trip to Asia, YeeHa Bob composed the following piece,

Of course, American Class is always in vogue, such as "Baroque Hoedown," which you may recognize as something else;

Besides being an honored member of the Adventurers Club, YeeHa Bob is also associated with the "Keepers of the Skull Cane Society" with these two people;
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