CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

2003 Review:Remember Ang Lee's "Hulk?"

As long as there are science clubs and the Thespian societies in high schools, there will be a debate between artisans and scientists. When it was announced that Ang Lee was going to helm the new Marvel comics "The Hulk," much speculation was heard that this movie would be the breakthrough movie for the artisian crowd. Instead audiences have witnessed a so-so science fiction action summer movie that takes itself too seriously.

"The Hulk" can be looked upon as a parable about what the Woodstock Generation passed along genetically to their offspring. David Banner (Nick Nolte) is a scientist who is experimenting with DNA and gene replication. Against the orders of General Ross (Sam Elliot), Banner experiments on himself. His son Bruce is born and turns a shade of green when he suffers a temper tantrum.

As Bruce grows into manhood, he dates the pretty Betty Ross (the pretty Jennifer Connelly), the daughter of General Ross. After an accidental dose of Gamma Rays, Banner turns into the incredible Hulk, a green 16 foot giant. As he tries to solve the mystery of his malady, Bruce discovers his deep love for Betty, his disdain for his potential father-in-law, and the creepy secrets of his mad scientist father.

Unlike the previous Marvel comic adaptations, "The Hulk" is not fun. "Spider Man" and the "X Men" series found an entertaining balance between the tragic and the comic. "The Hulk" is as ponderous as science professor who has no life. Another flaw with this movie is Nick Nolte's performance. At times he looks like the Unabomber and is very sinister. Then for his climatic monologue, Nolte goes so over-the-top that he enters the acting realm of Adam West from the 1960's television series, "Batman."
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