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SURGE OF POWER : THE STUFF OF HEROES, the hilarious spoof of the superhero genre soars into the Gateway 4 this Memorial Day Weekend with special late night shows Friday-Sunday, May 26-28 at 11pm. The special showings will launch the DVD release of the film in stores this month. Audiences will have a chance to see the film on big screen before making a purchase for their home theater.

To add to the fun, the costumed star of the film Surge of Power will host the 11pm show at Gateway 4 each night. He'll also pay a Sunday afternoon, 2:00pm, visit to Tate's Comics and attendees will have a chance to win passes to the movie that night. Tate’s Comic’s will also co-host the Sunday Night 11pm Show and Superhero/Costume Contest. Prizes including gift certificates from Tate's Comics and a pair of tickets to the Gateway 4 every month for 6 months from Sunrise Cinemas; so, think creative as they will be looking for the most original Superhero or Super Villain.

SURGE OF POWER was directed Michael Donahue and produced by and starring Vincent J. Roth. The film offers fun performances and cameo appearances by some of our favorite sci-fi, comic book and TV sitcom shows including: Lou Ferigno (The Incredible Hulk), Nichelle Nichols (LT. Urhua/Star Trek), Noel Neill (Lois Lane/The Adventures of Superman), Bobby Trendy (The Anna Nicole Show), Bob May (Robot/Lost in Space), Butch Patrick (Eddie/The Munsters), Lisa Loring (Wednesday/The Addams Family), Liz Sheridan (Helen/Seinfeld), Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay/Bewitched), Len Wein (famous comic writer and creator of Wolverine), Marv Wolfman (famous comic writer and creator of Teen Titans), and Forrest Ackerman (world’s leading sci-fi authority) and many more.

SURGE OF POWER:THE STUFF OF HEROS follows Comic book fan (ALAN MILLS) who happens upon a merchant (TOM TANGEN) that reveals Issue #1 of “Surge of Power” introducing the wacky world of Big City where Gavin Lucas (VINCENT J. ROTH) is out and proud about his comic reading penchant and longing to be a superhero. This science-fiction spoof is complete with mad scientist, Professor Ronald Richards (ROBERT HURT), his nemesis and former partner, Hector Harris (JOHN T. VENTURINI) who sabotages Ronald’s secret experiment (how naughty!) and a classic “freak accident” that causes superpowers!

SURGE OF POWER: THE STUFF OF HEROES has been well received at film festivals and conventions around the nation including Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Reel Pride Film Festival in Palm Springs, Comic-Con International Film Festival, DemiCon 16 Science Fiction Convention and others.
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