CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

returns from Romance in Daytona....

I've returned from Daytona and the mission was a success.
Harley Jane Kozak and I connected and she introduced me to the Booktarts,
the Beatles of the blog:) Expect more information about Harley Jane in the next couple of months because she is a nice person.

I met many aspiring authors of the Romance, Erotica, Paranomal and Vampire Genres.
More comments will follow when I organize my notes.

Most people at the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona were shocked by the bad reviews of "The Da Vinci Code" movie. Hopefully I will see this film soon, but I need to post "The Notorious Betty Page" first.

Nope, no sign of the future Mrs. Cinema Dave" at the convention....
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