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John Wayne and Vivian R. Clark - CinemaDave

May. 10th, 2006 08:08 pm John Wayne and Vivian R. Clark

As a preliminary to the “Literary Cinema” presentation,
the Broward County Main Library will be displaying the
Western Art of Vivian R. Clark. Vivian R. Clark's
award winning models feature a bust of John Wayne,
"The Pony Soldier" and also a "Marshall on Display."

Boston born,
Vivian R. Clark started painting plastic models when
she was ten years old. As an adult, Vivian moved to
South Florida and renewed her artistic interest.
With the exception of learning the finer points of
painting at a class in Plantation,
Vivian credits her mother as her major
artistic influence. Vivian R. Clark is the only female
member of the Ship Modelers Club, a club that meets every Saturday
morning at a variety of locations in Broward County.

While working in Dade County Schools, Vivian helped
children paint projects and the children starting
winning Blue Ribbons in competition. When she started
entering contests on her own, Vivian R. Clark became a
Blue Ribbon champion herself. Vivian R. Clark’s
exhibition will begin at High Noon and will last the
duration of the special screening of "Literary Cinema."

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