CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

PBiFF - Bobby Moresco and the written word

The Palm Beach International Film Festival opened a clip of Steven Spielberg when he received his honorary Oscar. At this ceremony, Spielberg implored filmmakers to return to the written word.

Bobby Moresco has understood this concept, in which is why he has been involved in the two most recent Best Picture Winners at the Academy Awards, "Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash." Having lost at most previous award ceremonies, Moresco modestly admitted that he was suprised by "Crash" Best Picture Victory.

"I thought that Jack [Nicholson, who presented the Oscar] had a little too much to drink and said the wrong film,"
Moresco said on the red carpet.

At the the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Bobby Moresco received the Horizon Award, which spotlights a rising star in the film industry. Nice guy.

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