CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Found Footage from MegaCon 2011 Panel featuring Doug Jones

Doug Jones starts to watch his own "sizzle real."

Doug Jones plays 3 roles in "Hellboy 2" & "Pan's Labyrinth."

Doug Jones talks about "Mac 2Nite" television commercials from the late1980s.

Doug Jones talks about a movie that he is not longer in, but it lead to something bigger.

Doug Jones talks about mouths in his mouth and being observed by the Humane Society.

Doug Jones talks about lunch Guillermo Del Toro while working on "Mimi" and "HellBoy."

Doug Jones talks about his beginnings and meeting Guillermo Del Toro.

Doug Jones is the modern day Lon Chaney and this is just a small sample o his work. This was his appearance at Megacon Orlando on March 25. 2011. A real nice guy.

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