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Hey NY & LA - Check out the first run of "Nowhere Man!" - CinemaDave

Mar. 24th, 2005 06:55 am Hey NY & LA - Check out the first run of "Nowhere Man!"

First Run Features
Debbie Rochon is an independent movie performer in constant demand, especially in the Horror Genre. We became e-mail buddies on the set of "Corpses are Forever" during a sweltering September 2002.

During a tense scene, Felissa Rose accidently hit Debbie. When the take was over, Felissa apologized to Debbie. Debbie replied,
"Oh, don't worry. I was raped last week."

I confirmed that Debbie's rape was fictional. In fact, Debbie's character was raped during the filming of "Nowhere Man."

Here is more information about "Nowhere Man."
If you go to the first run, let me know what you think of the film!

Written and directed by Tim McCann
First Run, opens March 25, Quad
Located at 34 West 13th Street, between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue
(Avenue of the Americas).
Check the web site http://www.Nowheremanthemovie.com for LA addresses.

Just how bad can things get? Conrad has found a pornographic video featuring his fiancé. Shocked, he calls the wedding off. But now, after an emotionally brutal week, an abused Jennifer has cut off Conrad's penis - and taken it with her for ransom! A doctor has advised Conrad that if found immediately, there is some hope for re-attachment. But where is Jennifer hiding? Vengeful and furious, Conrad blunders gun first into the underworld of her “blue-film” past, to find her – and his missing member!

Starring MICHAEL RODRICK ( Another World, Desolation Angels ), renowned cult actress DEBBIE ROCHON (‘Scream Queen of the Decade'), real life porn legend FRANK OLIVIER (as Daddy Mac), and directed by award winning filmmaker TIM MCCANN ( Revolution #9 , Desolation Angels ), NOWHERE MAN probes and cauterizes the preposterousness of love and revenge. It is both a nasty little film noir and a black humored treatise on the ever shifting balance of power in human relationships.

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