CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Backseat" at PBiFF

Festivals create opportunities for independent
filmmakers to be noticed by distributors. Just ask
Paul Haggis and his visit to the Toronto Film Festival
to promote his little six million dollar movie named
“Crash,” the recent Oscar winner for Best Motion
Picture. “Backseat” drives into the Palm Beach
International Film Festival. The recent winner of the
“Audience Award” at the 2005 Austin Film Festival,
this comedy features two Gen-Xers who flee New York
City on a three-day road trip to Montreal to escape
their problems and meet the actor Donald Sutherland.
A truly independent film, financed almost entirely
through friends and family, “Backseat” was shot in 17
days during the summer of 2004, after four years of
fundraising. Writer/actor/producer Josh Alexander
set out to make a film about what’s happening to
Gen-Xers as they grow up. “Backseat” will be screened
at Sunrise Cinema Mizner Park 301 Plaza Real, Boca
Raton Monday, April 24 at 9:45pm

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