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PBiFF - What it is supposed to be about..... - CinemaDave

Apr. 17th, 2006 11:15 am PBiFF - What it is supposed to be about.....

The Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBiFF)
begins its second decade starting April 20th. Lucky
for North Broward county residents, the festival hub
has moved to Delray Beach and continues with special
screenings at local movie theatres. The purpose of
PBiFF is to fund the educational programs for Florida
students, from middle school programs to graduate

One stand out from the secondary schools is South
Florida resident Chaille Stovall, a high school senior
who has produced 6 motion pictures, including “Party
Animals..Or how to get to the White House in 5 Easy
Steps.” Besides premiering his films at the Peabody
Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, the Youth
Service and AV POP sections of the Broward County
Libraries Division have recognized Chaille’s work as a
filmmaker. Visit his website at http://www.shutupkidproductions.com/

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