CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

RiP Rose Siggins from "American Horror Story"

Sad to learn about the passing of Rose Siggins.
As you will see from these videos, she was a vivacious 43 year old mother with a good heart & a fine soul;

This is the longest video in which the actors discuss their beginnings;

In this video, the actors discuss their character creation and the influence of the writers;

This is an interesting discussion about creating a "Horror Story" and watching it later;

What was next?

To be politically correct, "Freakshows" used to be known as "Funshows."
As these thespians reveal, "freaks" are fun and if you don't have fun hanging out with these "freaks," then you miss an opportunity for pure fun.

For those wishing to help Rose Siggins' children, please visit her "Go Fund Me" website that is being being organized by her manager.

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