CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Had the rhetoric been more balanced, "Selma" could have had a better box office

With much media hype, but modest box office gains, **Selma** has been nominated for best song and best motion picture. Much like last year's **Les Daniel's The Butler,** **Selma** presents producer Oprah Winfrey's perspective of civil rights history. Both films are entertaining with humane themes. Yet when one walks out of **Selma,** one feels as if they sat in a historical lecture from a biased professor. The rhetoric veers towards propaganda with incomplete historical detail.

Most notably, the casting of British actors Tom Wilkerson and Tim Roth as President Johnson and Govenor Wallace, respectively. The two British compatriots come across stereotypical two face cackling villains, which detracts from David Oyelowo's sincere performance as Martin Luther King.
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