CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

This "Theory of Everything" has more heart than theory

As iconic as Albert Einstein was in the 20th century, Professor Stephen Hawking holds the same distinction in the 21st century. With appearances on **Star Trek The Next Generation** and **The Big Bang,** Hawking added gravitas to these television shows. Even if one did not understand what the man was talking about, one sensed that Professor Hawking's words were important. **The Theory of Everything** reveals the man behind the theory.

**The Theory of Everything** opens with young Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) , who is attending the Cambridge University graduate school with a major in astrophysics. He meets and courts Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), a literature student. While there is a theoretical clash between these two individuals, a mutual respect develops between the two. When Hawking makes a big theoretical breakthrough his body begins to deteriorate.

Hawking is diagnosed with a motor neuron disease and is given two years to live. As the two years pass, Hawking marries Jane, birth some children and Hawking becomes an international sensation with his theories about space, time and dimension. We witness the last time Hawking walks or when he holds his child.

Based on Jane Wilde-Hawking's autobiography, **The Theory of Everything** presents the hardships of a family dealing with special needs individual. We witness parents attempt to live a "normal life" for the sake of the children. Despite this bond, the call of academic spotlight provides the tipping point for the Hawking marriage.

In the last month, Eddie Redmayne has been attending the awards circuit and has returned home with silver and gold. Redmayne's Hawking is a transitional performance from a geeky and energetic young man, to that of an infirmed old man shackled to a wheel chair. The one constant theme of the performance is retaining Hawking's core spirit and humor.

**American Sniper** is a justified box office juggernaut and an inspirational award winning film. **The Theory of Everything** is just as inspirational, but in a quieter way. Much like the **X-Men** and **Dolphin Tale** movies, I've witnessed more people in wheelchairs attending screenings of **The Theory of Everything.**

At the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, one of the best films was titled **CinemaAbility,** a documentary about how Hollywood treats people with disabilities. As Walter White's son with cerebral palsy, actor RJ Mitte shared stories about working being a working actor with cerebral palsy. RJ Mitte will be in town next weekend to talk about his career at the **Shock Pop ComicCon.** For more details about meeting RJ Mitte, check out
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