CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

This Mommy is no Joan Crawford

**Mommy** is a film from Montreal, Canada, spoken in French with English subtitles. It was Canada's submission to the Oscar race and was a Jury Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival. **Mommy** is a simple story about a mother dealing with her mentally ill son.

The film opens with a car accident, as Mommy - Diane "Die" Despress (Anne Dorval) cusses out the driver she hit. She is picking her son Steve (Antoine-Oliver Pilon) from Detention. Steve's behavior was so atrocious that Detention can't reform him and that further disciplinary behavior modifications is expected.

Under this gloomy premise, **Mommy** has some beautiful moments. The Depress family makes friends with next door neighbor Kyla (Suzanne Clement), a shy academic with a stammer. From the emotional rollercoaster ride from happiness to sadness, the acting feels too real. **Mommy** is an exhaustive drama in the vein of a Eugene O'Neill or Tennessee Williams play.
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