CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

The Imitation Game is not fake

After a mediocre 2014 at the movie theaters, it is apparent that Hollywood has decided to release their best motion pictures for the Oscar Awards season. With the exceptions of **Boyhood,** and **The Grand Budapest Hotel,** most of the best picture nominations did not go into national release until January 2015. After a long drought of visual ineptitude, these films provide hope that better motion pictures are on the horizon.

**The Imitation Game** premiered at the **2014 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival** and festival director Gregory Von Hausch could not guarantee a seat for a critic's screening. **The Imitation Game** had generated that much Oscar buzz from the European Film Festival circuit.

In the summer of 2002, I reviewed an espionage movie titled **Enigma,** which featured Kate Winslet as a code breaker who helped to defeat the Nazis. It was an absorbing story, but the screenplay ignored an important historical character, Professor Alan Turing. As played by Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch, Turing is the central character of **The Imitation Game.**

The film opens in darkness with the sound of moss code. We learn that Nazi U-boats have been sinking the British Navy and American conveys with ease. British spies have located the German "Enigma Machine," but can not decode Nazi transmissions.

Enter mathematician Allen Turing, a brilliant mind with poor social skills. Placing an ad in the British press, Turing assembles a team of code breakers by having them complete a complicated crossword puzzle. Among the most gifted code breakers is Joan Clark (Keira Knightley). History shows that the good guys won World War II, but the cost of victory destroyed one man's soul. For those in love with analogue technology, espionage drama and group dynamics, then **The Imitation Game** is the film for you.
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