CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Edge of Tomorrow" is deja vu of science fiction from yesterday

In the past nine years, it seems as if Tom Cruise, science fiction and summer are synomous with the release of **War of the Worlds,** **Oblivion** and now **Edge of Tomorrow.** While **Edge of Tomorrow** has proven to be a box office disappointment, it will likely to be remembered fondly as a DVD/Blu Ray release.

Tom Cruise plays a propaganda officer who is drafted to the front lines to combat an alien evil. He is killed in the field of battle. He comes back to life to fight again...and again...and again.

Things go slightly differently each time and the film takes on the tone as a Warner Brothers **Roadrunner** carton, with Tom Cruise as Will E. Coyote. Then **Edge of Tomorrow** tries to get serious again for a climatic moment, but one wonders if the climax is merely an illusion created from a well intentioned dream.
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