CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Words and Pictures" leans towards the visual

As a writer, I could not feel that the "Words" people were given short shrift compared to the "Picture" people. After all, the "Words" leader is personified by Professor Jack Marcus (Clive Owen - who looks like he is revisiting "Ernie" from his award winning movie, "Hemingway & Gellhorn"), while "Pictures" is represented by the lovely Professor Dina Delsanto (lovely Juliette Binoche).

Professor Marcus is a scoundrel, but a charming one. Professor Delsanto is the Ice Queen, with a warm heart. The two bicker and defend what is more important, "Words" or "Pictures?" A philosophical war is declared, with the outcome being decided by the student body of an Ivy League prep school.

The head games between Binoche and Owen are a delight to watch and listen too. Being adults, the two strike each other like a fire poker, but know when to cool off in a moment of serious crisis. One sees both professor's professionalism rise to the occasion when two students are involved with harrasssment charges.
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