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Mar. 26th, 2006 10:44 am Lent Day 25 How would you vote?

Today's Sun Sentinel Webpage http://www.sun-sentinel.com/ has the following poll question;

Legislators are moving to do away with the intangibles tax,
which generates $161 million a year by taxing 300,000 Floridians
who own more than $250,000 in stocks and bonds. Do you support the repeal?

1. Yes. Singling out wealthy people for a special tax is bad public policy.

2. No. Legislators are giving tax breaks to the people who need them least, while doing nothing
for the middle class and poor.

3. I'm not sure.

Doesn't seem to you that poll questions "1" and "2" are the same answer?
Therefore, I endorse the "I'm not sure" answer!

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