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"Escape Plan" is escapist - CinemaDave

Nov. 25th, 2013 05:05 pm "Escape Plan" is escapist

One movie that no one mentioned to me was **Escape Plan,** the Sylvester Stallone - Arnold Schwarzenegger buddy movie.  This team-up has been three decades in the making, though diffused by the Sylvester-Arnold **Expendables** epics of recent years.  **Escape Plan** is pure Saturday matinee afternoon escapism.
Ray Breslin (Stallone) makes a living breaking out inescapable prisons and has written a book about the subject.  After a successful payday,Breslin is kidnapped and sent to the Tomb, a prison of his own design.  The villainous prison warren (Jim Cavielzel) is a student of Breslin and has an odious henchman (Vinnie Jones) do his evil bidding for him.  Fortunately, Breslin befriends Emil Rottmayer (Arnold), a convict who rules the prison yard.  The two team up to plan an audacious escape.
Despite a too-pat ending, **Escape Plan** works as an action thriller.  To the credit of Summit Entertainment Marketing executives, the **Escape Plan** trailer did not reveal important plot twists and surprises.  The two sixty year old action icons provide some moments of edge-of-your-seat moments with humor.  While **Captain Phillips** is an Oscar contender, **Escape Plan** is a lot of fun.   Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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