CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Captain Phillips" is the most talked about action motion picture since the summer of 2013

In the midst of covering the ** 28th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival** and the **30th Miami Book Fair International,**  one of the most asked questions I heard was, "Have you seen **Captain Phillips?**  **Captain Phillips** became my first mainstream movie post **FLiFF28.**
**Captain Phillips** has Oscar nomination written all over it.  It is a big story about an international incident circa 2009.  It features Oscar winner actor Tom Hanks acting his heart out as the title character, with lesser known actors adding believable menace to our everyday hero.  So is **Captain Phillips** another manufactured Oscar contender like **Lee Daniel's The Butler?**  Hardly. **Captain Phillips** captures the claustrophobic despair of being a hostage.
**Captain Phillips** skippers a cargo ship of charitable supplies off the African coast.  When the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama is hijacked by Somali pirates,  **Captain Phillips** must utilize his wits to save his crew.  What was supposed to be a routine kidnapping for these thugs, becomes a global television affair involving the United States Navy.  Perhaps if these pirates read **Davy Jones & the Heart of Darkness,** they would not have gotten involved in such a disastrous venture.
Best known for his work on the overrated Matt Damon/**Bourne**/amnesia spy movies, director Paul Greengrass was Oscar nominated for his intense work **United 93,** a movie about the 9/11 plane crash.  Thanks to Greengrass, the intensity of **Captain Phillips** never lets up as a human story.  When violence occurs, it is sudden, explosive and quick.
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