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"Sunlight Jr." South Florida drama featuring Watts, Dillion & Reedus. - CinemaDave

Nov. 3rd, 2013 09:43 pm "Sunlight Jr." South Florida drama featuring Watts, Dillion & Reedus.

**Sunlight Jr.** is Florida Film Noir featuring dark performances from Naomi Watts, Matt Dillion, Tess Harper and **The Walking Dead's** leading man, Norman Reedus.  Filmed in the Saint Petersburg/Clearwater area, the poverty of **Sunlight Jr.** is as interchangeable as the poverty of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  **Sunlight Jr.** is a dark movie that goes from bad to worse.

Richie (Dillion) is a paraperligic who is married to Melissa (Watts),  a clerk who works at a minimart called **Sunlight Jr.** Living in an efficiency apartment, the two obviously love each other, despite living from paycheck to paycheck.  The couple are better off than her bloated Mom (Tess Harper) who raises white trash grandchildren.  Richie and Melissa have one night of grace, that leads to their most distasterous decision.

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