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"All is Lost" provides Robert Redford the role of his lifetime. - CinemaDave

Nov. 3rd, 2013 09:04 pm "All is Lost" provides Robert Redford the role of his lifetime.

After an opening verbal introduction, the audience spends the next 105 minutes aboard a sinking ship with Robert Redford.  Our Man does everything right and smart, but the elements of nature seem to conspire to sink this sail boat.  

Robert Redford is "Our Man," the only actor seen in **All is Lost," a thriller about a man lost in the Indian Ocean.  With the exception of one utterance of desperation, the only words spoken are in opening narration.  For the next 106 minutes, we witness the Sisyphus efforts of "Our Man" is keeping his boat afloat.  The ending will inspire discussion for both sailors and landlubbers.
Redford is fantastic, he spends most of **All is Lost** thinking of his next solution.  He underplays brilliantly and is a conduit for the audience.  In it's simple storyline,  **All is Lost** contains as much depth as Ernest Hemingway's Pulitizer Award winning novel,  **The Old Man and the Sea.**  Expect Oscar buzz for **All is Lost.**

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