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"Capital" is an ancestor of Karl Marx "Das Kapital" - CinemaDave

Oct. 28th, 2013 10:48 pm "Capital" is an ancestor of Karl Marx "Das Kapital"

It is amazing to me that an industry like the film culture consistenly makes films that are anticaptialist.   Based on a French novel by Stéphane Osmont, "Capital" is a film directed by Costa Gravas, an international director best known for left of center films like "Missing," "Z" and "State of Seige."                                     The film opens on a golf course in which a bank CEO dies.   Marc Tourneuil (Gad Elmaleh) becomes the heir apparent and flies to Fort Lauderdale for a business deal.    Upon returning, Marc is given the task of firing his employees to receive a substantial bonus. 

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