CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Rocky Mountain Express The Journey of a Lifetime" is an IMAX on the mountain top

Once north of Palm Beach County, the change of scenery is obvious - the landscape is more green  and rural. Between the Fort Drum rest stop and Kissimee, one sees an orange grove and sense a raise in elevation.
However this change of elevation is minimal compared to the experience of visiting the Rocky Mountains. For Florida first timers, the biological changes are obvious - one can see their heart beating out of their chest.  With this type of personal experience,  one can appreciate a Museum of Discovery IMAX film like **Rocky Mountain Express The Journey of a Lifetime,** which documents  the 19th century building of the steam engine locomotive in the Canadian Rockies.
Without 3 D glasses on the 5 story screen, the vistas and landscapes are majestic to behold. In contrast, the **Rocky Mountain Express** film makers gaze in loving detail at the pristine engines of the reconstructive and remodeled locomotive.    **Rocky Mountain Express** is a 45 minute epic in the fine Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery IMAX tradition, yet there is a story about the building of Canadian Pacific Railroad that is both inspiring and disturbing.
As with any genius seduced by modern technology, **Rocky Mountain Express** devotes considerable time to the history that inspired some of the darkest moments of the recent **Lone Ranger** movie.  In a rich man's pursuit to dominate nature, due diligence was ignore, thus creating folly.  Stubborn determination leads to disaster.  Almost two hundred years later, this film presents wooden and stone tresells that were never used.  Near these sights are the unmarked graves of the workers who died trying to build an untested short cut
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