CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery & Science IMAX Theater presents "The Laser Light Experience"

For those seeking to continue the concert experience on the big screen, the **Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery & Science IMAX Theater** will be presenting **The Laser Light Experience** on the five story screen on 15,000 watt, 6 channel Dolby speakers. The museum is offering four experiences, two by Pink Floyd (**Dark Side of the Moon,** **The Wall**), **Laser Zepelin** and **Laser Vinyl Classics.**
In 45 minutes, **Laser Vinyl Classics** contains 9 anthems of Rock 'n Roll with laser visualization through out the IMAX theater. Look around the theater, for there are laser activities bouncing around the auditorium, from the big screen to the exit doors. Van Halen, KISS and Aerosmith are highlights, but Queen's **Bohemian Rhapsody** steals the show. Both **Metallica: Through the Never** and **The Laser Light Experience** should be a field trip for the Buck's Class of '83 reunion next month.
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