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Sep. 21st, 2013 04:56 pm An Interview with Joey DeDio

"We have taken **Tio Papi** to many festivals and the response has been consistently good. Regardless of upbringing and culture, people are responding to the message of family."
**Tio Papi** and **36 Saints** seem to be the flip side of the same coin, I asked Dedio about the diversity of each production,
"With **36 Saints,** I was fascinated with the uncovered world and the authenticity of myths and Jewish mysticism, I sought opinions from priest and rabbis."
When I challenged Dedio about the dark nature of **36 Saints,** Joey responded with a smile,
"In darkness, there is always light. That is what I loved about the character of **Tio Papi,** many people had not seen me in that light."

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