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"36 Saints" is the start of something.... - CinemaDave

Sep. 21st, 2013 04:36 pm "36 Saints" is the start of something....

In contrast to a bloated Hollywood extravaganza comes ** 36 Saints,** a small independent thriller produced and written by Joey Dedio. This small budget independent motion picture is far more thought provoking than **Paranoia.** Joey Dedio's film has roots in the Old Testament belief that the world is protected by 36 individuals or saints, who have the responsibility to protect mankind from Lillith, who may have been the serpent who tempted Adam & Eve with an apple.
While the opening of the film deals with global proportion, **36 Saints** focuses upon the half a dozen individuals who live in Manhattan. With names like Joseph, Eve, Sebastian, Valentine and Michael - it is easy to pick out the surviving members of the **36 Saints.*** It is actually trickier to figure out who Lilith is, for she masterminded the plane crash that caused the demise of most of the ** Saints** As the surviving saints die in recreation of New Testament history, it seems as if Lilith's powers will lead the world into eternal darkness.
In terms of intellectual growth, I would choose **36 Saints** over **Paranoia.** **36 Saints** leaves one thinking about the world around them, can one of the **36 Saints** live in Deerfield Beach? When **36 Saints** opens on September 6, lets hope the box office revenue merits the already scripted sequel.

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