CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Paranoia" loses profit

In his book **SEX MONEY KISS,** Gene Simmons discussed the importance of self publication because bookstore retail was based on "the loss leader principle," in which a major author like James Patterson and J.K. Rowling would draw consumers into the store. Once in the store, the customer would discover other lesser known writers. The Motion Picture Industry uses the same approach, which is why economics are so dire in these entertainment fields, especially when the loss leader fails to perform.
**Paranoia** is such the case. With leading man responsibilities on Chris ( **The Hunger Games**) Hemsworth shoulders and the reteaming of veterans Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford, one expected respectable box office return. Instead **Paranoia** has become the biggest loser of the year - the two week box office gross of 6 million dollars can not match the 35 million dollar production cost. Were **Paranoia** to secure a profit, the film would have had to earn 105 million box office gross.
**Paranoia** features the corporate cat & mouse game between Ford and Oldman, with Hemsworth caught in the middle while wooing the leading lady, Amber Heard. The topical theme features cell phones and public privacy. So why did **Paranoia** fail? The screenplay is another Hollywood factory produced model, why pay for a story when one can see the same story on television in the comfort of your own home?

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