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"The Conjuring" - "R" Rated Christian Horror - CinemaDave

Aug. 8th, 2013 05:36 pm "The Conjuring" - "R" Rated Christian Horror

This summer movie goers have witnessed the end of the world in **World War Z,** **Man of Steel** and **Pacific Rim.** Given the repeated massive scale of this destruction, a "ho hum" reaction becomes predominant. Yet on a far more smaller and personal scale, films like **The Body (El Cuerpo)** and **The Conjuring*** are creating memorable experiences featuring pity and fear.
Released a few weeks ago, **The Conjuring** has become a sleeper hit, grossing more money than **42,** **MaMa** and **Pacific Rim.** It is a R rated family horror movie, a film that will generate discussion over the dinner table and causing a few nightmares for the young. The unnerving factor is that **The Conjuring** is based on a true story in Rhode Island.
Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Elaine Warren (Vera Farmiga) lecture on the subject of "paranormal science" on New England campus. The husband and wife team have battled ghosts and poltergiests for most of their adult lives. A recent battle with a spirit has weakened Elaine.
Enter the Perron family, who purchased a mansion on a lake in Rhode Island. Roger (Ron Livingston) is a truck driver and Carolyn (Lili Taylor) is housewife with four girls. While the house is mostly a fix-me-up, many things go bump in the night and create havoc for the Perron family.
Despite the Warren's semi retirement, Carolyn seeks them out at a university lecture. Reluctant at first, Elaine sees how desperate this mother is. As the Warrens confront the entity, Carolyn becomes possessed by the host demon.
Director James (original **Saw** **Insidious**) Wan knows how to direct a terror flick like **The Conjuring.** From the first off putting shot in the film to the final resolution, Wan takes the viewer on a spiritual journey. Wan's shot construction is worthy of a James Whale or Val Lewton masterpiece. The pacing is excellent with a comedy break midway through the motion picture to relieve stress.
Perhaps the success of **The Conjuring** has been the respect shown to the Christian faith. The Warrens confidently battle this demonic apprentice, while the agnostic Perron family suffer the tortures of the dammed. **The Conjuring** does not proselytize, but subtle common sense rules.

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