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"World War Z" paid for Brad Pitt's Summer home - CinemaDave

Jul. 25th, 2013 10:55 am "World War Z" paid for Brad Pitt's Summer home

**The Lone Ranger** has created a cultural divide - mainstream media hates the film, while the Rotten Tomatoes.com opinion poll has proclaimed the film as "certified fresh." It is not a family friendly flick like **Despicable Me 2,** but **The Lone Ranger** will likely be on this film columnists Top Ten List this year.

**The Lone Ranger** is definitely better than the Summer blockbuster **World War Z.** Based on a video game, **World War Z** presents Brad Pitt as a father who takes his family into the city of Brotherly Love. On the crowded streets of Philadelphia, people start to go crazy and become zombies. The Brad Pitt Family beats a hasty retreat.

Fortuantely for the family, Brad Pitt is a scientist with the World Health Organization. After his family is given shelter, Professor Pitt starts to track the germ that is causing all the problems. The contagion is part of a conspiracy with roots in Korea and the Middle East.

The problem with **World War Z** is deja vu. If you have seen **28 Days Later** or **Dawn of the Dead** or any of the **Resident Evil** movies, you have seen this flick already. Using the **found footage** documentary technique, this low budget motion picture spent most of their money paying Brad Pitt's salary.

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