CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Now You See Me" is the solution in this mystery

Of all the summer blockbusters out there, **Now You See Me** is the most underrated movie this summer. The film features an interesting story, characters with dual motivations and veteran actors like Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine teaching a clinic on how to give subtle, understated performances.

Let's gets remove the film's major flaw quickly - this film about the illusion of magic has too many cinematic special effects. En chanced by some attention deficit disorder editing, **Now You Seem Me** defeats the film's core assertion about the importance of magic in our lives. Had some of the magic tricks been pulled off in a single frame camera shot, **Now You See Me** would have become the sleeper hit of the summer.

In the opening sequence we are introduced to four different characters who become known as "The Four Horsemen." Atlas (Jessie Eisenberg) is a mouthpiece barker, McKinney (Woody Harrelson) is a "mentalist" who shakes down marriage infidelities, Henley (Isla Fisher) performs death defying Houdini stunts and Wilder (Dave Franco) seems to have an affinity with death. The four are recruited by a person in a hoodie, who represents the "Eye of Horus" from Egyptian Mythology.

While performing in France, the Four Horsemen steal a fortune from a secure bank in France. In hot pursuit is Detective Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) who tracks the Four Horsemen to New Orleans and New York desperate attempt to arrest the Four Horsemen.

**Now You See Me** is a great title for this movie. While the over abundance of special effects mar this movie, it is the character development that one comes to appreciate in this fine mystery.
With "hocus pocus" and "abracadavra" being outdated as words like "groovy," "Now You See Me" is a modern magical spectacular that could have used old school tricks.
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