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Lent Day 17 Hollywood Hulk Hogan's autobiography - CinemaDave

Mar. 18th, 2006 07:48 pm Lent Day 17 Hollywood Hulk Hogan's autobiography

For a man in his forties,
reading "Hollywood Hulk Hogan" was a stroll down amnesia lane.During my college years, Andy Kaufman would wrestle woman and throw coffee in Jerry "the King" Lawler's face on the David Letterman Show. During my senior year at Florida State, WWF Wrestling would replace Saturday Night Live repeats. WWF's owner Vince McMahon struck a deal with NBC Producer Dick Ebersol and Wrestling was on Broadcast Network Television.

Hulk Hogan's biography reviews those glory years of professional wrestling. He writes about his matches with Andre the Giant when the Hulkster was the original bad guy. There is a sense of poignancy when the Hulk describes his affection for Andre and the Giant's poor health during Wrestlemania III. Nearly 20 years later, the Hulk would find himself in Andre's position when it was his time to pass the torch to the next generation with his match with The Rock.

Hogan also describes his adventures in guest starring in "Rocky III" and "The A Team" with Mister T. Mister T does not come off as a positive influence and neither does Jessie "the Body" Ventura.

However Vince McMahon, Andre the Giant and Cyndi Lauper come off pretty good.

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