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"The Lords of Salem" is Kubrick/Zombie - CinemaDave

Apr. 21st, 2013 09:15 pm "The Lords of Salem" is Kubrick/Zombie

Bruce Davison returns to Salem for Rob Zombie's **The Lords of Salem,** a horror movie that challenges Salem Witchcraft Trail lore. In Zombie's world, the witches are guilty as charged with plans to enact revenge upon Salem descendants.

Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon-Zombie - Rob's wife) is the descendant of the historical figure of Judge John Hawthorne. The woman has enough of her own problems, she is a recovering drug addict.

Heidi is a disc jockey who works Whitey (Jeffrey Daniel Phillips - Geico's Caveman) and Herman (Ken Foree - Rob's Stock Company). The three deejays receive a strange vinyl record album and broadcast the song on the airwaves. Bad things happen to the people of Salem.

**The Lords of Salem** is Rob Zombie's 5th motion picture. Unlike the manic editing of **The Devil's Rejects** and **Halloween,** **The Lords of Salem** is a static motion picture that creeps upon you. Given the low budget, the shot composition is amazing with a color palette of mind jarring visuals.

With such breathtaking visuals and empathetic characters, **The Lords of Salem** is dirty horror with grungy witches (lead by Meg Foster, Dee Wallace, Patricia Quinn, Judy Geeson) and an open ended conclusion. **The Lord of Salem** will not appeal to many tastes, but it is definitely a horror.

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