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Lent Day 29 1988 Flashback "Die Hard" - CinemaDave

Mar. 13th, 2013 12:42 pm Lent Day 29 1988 Flashback "Die Hard"

As "Moonlighting" prepared for it's final season, Bruce Willis moonlighted with "Die Hard." Having been associated with goofy comedy, Willis started his career as a bonifide action hero.

The plot is simple, terrorists take over a building in Los Angeles. Alan Rickman portrayed the master villain who has many tricks up his sleeve. Alexander Godunov is Rickman's major henchman. In contrast, Willis plays a vulnerable cop named John McClain is on the outs with his wife, played by Bonnie Bedelia. The summer of 1988 was a hot one for Bedelia who was on the big screen as Harrison Ford's wife on "Presumed Innocent."

The action was thrilling. The humor was appropriate. "Die Hard" has grown in statue through the years.

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Date:April 22nd, 2013 07:30 am (UTC)
I watched it 8 times...so far.