CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Cinema Dave spoke with Dyan Cannon on Friday Afternoon - March 10

While his movies play regularly on television, it is
hard to believe that Cary Grant passed away 20 years
ago. He fathered one child, Jennifer, in 1966 with
Dyan Cannon. In a recent telephone interview with Dyan
Cannon, I was able to ask the actress what do you
think about when you see him on television?
“Boy he was cute…and he was a good actor!”
Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon had a daughter together, Jennifer.
"She is doing Great!" Dyan commented like a beaming mother.

Dyan Cannon's acting career has lasted nearly fifty
years. Her television debut can be traced to classic
television westerns, like “Have Gun Will Travel”
“Gunsmoke,” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” She can also
be seen spotted on “The Untouchables” featuring Robert
Stack as Elliot Ness.

As she made the transition to movies, the world of
filmmaking was changed. Dyan was nominated for an
Oscar for her role in the swinger’s comedy, “Bob &
Carol & Ted & Alice” and the spiritual comedy,
“Heaven Can Wait.” Through the seventies, Dyan acted
opposite such leading men as Sean Connery, Burt
Reynolds and Peter Sellers in mostly entertaining
gumshoe thrillers and comedies. Cannon excelled in
comedy and was one of the original hosts for Saturday
Night Live 30 years ago.

In the last ten years, Dyan been a regular on
television shows like “Ally McBeal,” “The Rockford
Files” and while most people start collecting their
social security check at age 65, Dyan Cannon was
caught skinning dipping on the NBC network sitcom,
“Three Sisters.”

Dyan Cannon recently returned to South Florida to
promote” The Boynton Beach Club,” a film she is fond
of because she was,
“…reunited with so many friends…I didn’t know Len
Cariou…but being reunited with so many with so many
friends was so great.”

She also had kind words for the South Florida
production crew;
“This was a tip top first class crew. I have always
worked with wonderful crews. The cinematographer was
great. But this crew was just wonderful.”
As a writer, Dyan collaborated with Director Susan
Seidleman with regards to a subtle, but powerful short
scene in which we learn that Lois’s bereavement is
deeper than the other members of “The Boynton Beach

“Susan and I wrote that scene together…it was never
really clear why this character seemed so different.
Why was she still there? …We have all lost people …but
she lost her son and a lost kid is the toughest thing
that anybody can take. …”

This dramatic moment has its roots in a real life tragedy;

“My new project is to create a teen outreach center.
A friend of mine lost her teenaged daughter to the
choking game. We do not have a location yet, but we
have volunteers, a lawyer, and an accountant. I am
also filming a documentary about teens. I have worked
on it for years and I may have be filming for another
four or five years. Kids are my passion.”

On her website, was a link for "God’s Party." Dyan commented that it was an old link but,

"We did that for seven years and it was amazing. We
held it at the CBS studio with rock and roll bands and
people attended this celebration. It was a
celebration. We no longer do the parties but I host
Bible studies."

Dyan Cannon was a nice telephone interview and I hope to meet her in person for a longer chat.
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