CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Beasts of the Southern Wild" is Orleans folklore made documentary style

Benh Zeitlin spent almost two years writing his script for "Beasts of the Southern Wild." With practcally no money, Zeitlin cast New Orleans locals and directed his movie in approximately 36 days. After a successful screening at the Sundance Film Festival, **Beasts of the Southern Wild** became an overnight sensation when the print was purchased by Fox Searchlight.

While the trailer leaves one wondering if they are watching a poor man's Godzilla featuring giant Pot-Bellied pigs and a haunted child, "Beasts of Southern Wild" is a simple coming-of-age film shot documentary style. Quvenzhané Wallis portrays Hushpuppy, a ferral six year old little girl who lives in the swamps with her angry, but dying father (Dwight Henry). As she copes with the reality of floods, fires and hurricanes, Hushpuppy finds more terror in her nightmares involving rampaging Beasts.
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