CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Fake "Argo" would make an interesting Sci Fi today

Arkin is currently in the race for a Best Supporting Oscar for his work in **Argo,^^ directed and starring Ben Affleck. Much like Dustin Hoffman's Oscar nominated performance for **Wag the Dog,** Arkin portrays Lester Siegel, a veteran show biz producer who must pretend to produce a movie in Iran, circa 1979.

For those needing a history lesson, during the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian government held Americans hostage during the Carter Administration for 444 days. While the 52 hostages were the headline story, 8 potential hostages slipped away and hid at the Canadian Embassy.

With Hollyqoos hocus pocus, CUA operator Mendez (Affleck) devises a plan. Working with award winning Make up artist John Chambers (John Goodman), Mendez poses as a Hollywood producer who wants to film a **Star Wars** inspired movie with Islamic sympathies. The Trojan horse is daring and **Argo** truly deserves it's Oscar nomination for Best Picture.
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