CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"March of the Wooden Soldiers" presents Stan and Babe in Toyland

One Christmas movie I never lose interest in is **March of the Wooden Soldiers,** based on the Victor Herbert Operetta starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Until the last decade, this holiday classic used to play on television in rotation with **Miracle on 34th Street** and **Bells of Saint Marys.** While grown ups might feel that children are prejudiced to black & white movies, please expose them to this classic.

Laurel & Hardy are toymakers for Santa Claus. Instead of creating 600 one foot Wooden Soldiers, Laurel reverses the order and creates 100 6 foot soldiers. While Santa Claus finds this mistake amusing, Laurel & Hardy lose their jobs.

To make matters worse, Laurel & Hardy are trying to help pay Little Bo Peep's mortage from the evil Barnaby. Things become more dire when Barnaby unleashes the Boogey Men upon Toyland, Little Bo Peep's community.

The conclusion is a wild epic, which involves a cameo from an unbilled Mickey Mouse. Yes, the special effects are not as slick as **Rise of the Guardians,** but **March of the Wooden Soldiers** has so much more heart. Do yourself a favor, pick up **March of the Wooden Soldiers** from your local library!
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