CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

"Twillight Breaking Dawn Part 2" finally concludes....or does it?

Each year since President Obama has been elected, a "Twilight" movie has been released. The box office revenue has generated more revenue than the President's taxation policies. With this kind of economic incentive, one wonders if author Stephenie Meyer had secretly written a continuation of her vampire/werewolf middle school Gothic romance. When word "leaked" that a "twist" ending had been added to **Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2,** one feared another four **Twilight** movies by 2016.

Fortunately **Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2** does present closure to the Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) saga. In the last flick, the newlywed Bella was on the verge of dying during the birth of her child. Thanks to the timely action of her husband Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison), Bella becomes a vampire. This upsets the vampire status quo and an international civil war rages in the forests of Washington state.

As a series of five movies, the **Twilight** improved with each production. To the producer's credit, they fulfilled fan expectations. It will be fascinating if in the year 2022, will the fan base feel the same affection to either Team Jacob, Team Edward or the trials of Bella Swan.
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