CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

RiP Michael Clarke Duncan

Despite some amazing blockbuster performances from **Marvel's The Avengers** and **The Dark Knight Rises,** the summer of 2012 will be remembered for the loss of many fine actors with connection to South Florida; Ben Gazzara, Ernest Borgnine, Celeste Holm and G Star teacher Ron Palillo, best known for his work on **Welcome Back, Kotter.**

The latest loss is Michael Clarke Duncan.
Best known for his Oscar nominated performance in **The Green Mile,** Michael was a big man with a basso profundo voice that was utilized for many television commercials and animated features, most notably **Brother Bear** and both **Kung Fu Panda** movies.

Like a big kid, Michael loved being associated with action movies, especially comic book adaptations like **Sin City** and **Daredevil.** These roles made Michael more approachable to children. While receiving his award from the **2004 Palm Beach International Film Festival,** Michael visited Palm Beach schools and encouraged students that, "You can do anything."

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