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"Queen of Versaille" is Orlando history - CinemaDave

Aug. 1st, 2012 05:44 pm "Queen of Versaille" is Orlando history

**The Queen of Versailles** is closer to home, Orlando actually. The film opens with the construction of 90,000 foot home, modeled after Castle Versailles. Westgate Time Share mogul David Siegel is building this palace for his trophy wife Jackie, because he can afford to do so.

However when the stock market collapses in 2008, Seigel can no longer do the things he wants to do. As David struggles to keep his empire afloat, Jackie is clueless about her financial peril.

As the modern **Queen of Versailles,** Jackie Siegel is presented as a loving mother, with one adoptive child, many dogs and exotic pets. As David becomes more stressed over his financial woes, Jackie can not grasp the concept of potential poverty.

Unlike the devious qualities of Helmsley, Madoff and Rothstein,
the most scary aspect about **The Queen of Versailles** is how one can relate to the Siegels, they can be a family member or a neighbor. As **Farewell My Queen** and **The Queen of Versailles** reminds us, Pride before fall is a human characteristic.

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