CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

New IMAX Presentation : "Mystery of the Nile"

It is amazing how man still finds new ways of breaking
world records. Last week Steve Fossett made the first
ever solo flight around the world. The summer of 2004
will be remembered for Burt Rutan's successful exploration
of outer space. "Mystery of the Nile" explores a 6000 year
challenge that has only been conquered, or at least recorded, in
the twenty first century.

Under the leadership of Pasquale Scaturro, the
expedition begins at the source of the Nile in
Ethiopia. With an international team consisting of an
American Cinematographer (Gordon Brown, world renowned
kayak adventurer), an Egyptian hydrologist and a
Spanish archaeologist, Scaturro leads his team on
3,260 miles to the Mediterranean Sea. The trek is an
arduous one, but not without some interesting

The first detour occurs in the Ethiopian Highlands,
the actual source of the Nile. Recent theory suggests
that this rural country is the home of the lost Ark of
the Covenant. While "Mystery of the Nile" does not
provide exclusive shots of the ark, one does witness a
Christian ceremony that is quite beautiful in it’s
simplicity and color contrasts.

Unlike most scientific documentaries, there is a
spiritual feeling to the "Mystery of the Nile."
This documentary goes beyond the prejudice and bias we
see with every day media. Despite the danger of
Middle East tensions and tribal rivalries, Scaturro,
Brown and his team encounter, kind and generous
individuals. The audience witnesses positive behavior
from the people of the Muslin and Christian faiths.
Yet when Gordon takes his kayak off the beaten path,
mysterious gunshots are heard from some unseen thugs.

What would an IMAX movie be without spectacular
cinematography? The canyons of the Nile look grand
when projected on the 60 foot x 80-foot IMAX screen.
Carnivorous crocodiles look as frightening as Steve
Spurrier on speed when projected on a six-storey
screen. This 40-minute film does not disappoint with
least 5 shots of visual splendor.

Since "Mystery of the Nile" is housed in the Fort
Lauderdale Museum of Discovery, there are exhibits
that explore themes of geometry, geography and
zoology. These three exhibitions are "Pyramid
Mysteries." "Animals of Egypt" and "Alligator vs.
Crocodile." Patrons can meet one of the museums
alligators at this exhibit.

While "Mysterious of the Nile" will be shown on a
regular basis until the end of May, the special events
are held on a limited basis on weekends. For show
times, visitors should call (954) 463 IMAX or visit
the web site at
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