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Jun. 5th, 2012 04:52 pm "Men in Black3" is the second best of the series

**Marvel's The Avengers** remains the best motion picture of the year, despite the full court synergy of **Men in Black3** which opened last weekend with a 70 million dollar gross. The new **MiB3** is the second best movie of the trilogy, which is an easy thing to write about considering how limp **MiB2** was.

**MiB3** opens on a prison moon base. Boris aka "the Animal" (Jermaine Clement) escapes to settle a score with MiB Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Back in 1969, Agent K amputated Boris' arm as Apollo 11 prepared for blast off. Agent J ( Will Smith) is kept in the dark to this history, until Agent K disappears into thin air.

With the help of Agent O (Emma Thompson), Agent J time travels to 1969 to kill Boris and rescue Agent J. On the radio, Agent J drives big cars with fenders and listens to rock 'n roll on AM radio. He meets Andy Warhol (Bill Hader), who may be a MiB Agent. The **MiB3** plot meanders until the predictable climax during the Apollo 11 lift off.

After the predictable climax,***MiB3** contains a surprisingly emotional revelation that explains the relationship between Agents K & J. This one emotional scene makes up for all of the superficial action of **MiB2** and **MiB3** combined.

As the younger version of Agent K, Josh Brolin does a decent impression of Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith takes center stage this time, but like a good ringmaster, he knows when to defer the spotlight to his supporting players.

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